Friday, March 28, 2008

pescadero, ca

I was in Pescadero with some family last weekend. While we were eating I did this quick sketch of an older fellow near by.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

wednesday night sketching

Just Dela and I sketching tonight

Friday, March 14, 2008

wizard of oz

These are some drawings for the wizard of oz, I was in barnes and nobles flipping through some magazines and starting thinking about what i could do to make the wizard different.

The first idea for the wizard of oz is on the left. Going with the whole the wizard never went outside idea, I thought he'd have some old school handle bar mustach cause he hasn't been keeping up with the times. In the book the wizard seems to like being very flashy with his different versions of himself, so I thought maybe he has this flashy military jacket with gold buttons and rope with thick cuffs. The second guy I kept the idea of a handle bar mustach but thought the wizard seemed to like entertaining so maybe he dressed kinda like a circus leader. These two men are on the older side and plumper side because they have been enjoying being the wizard partake in all the royalties that come with the title.

Here is the techie wizard of oz. The very smart, good with his hands and mechanical things. He's skinnier than the earlier too, cause he gets so cause up in work he forgets to eat. He has the typical thick rhymed classes and the large ears that stick out. A lot of programmers at my work walk around in just their socks or even their bare feet, so i thought that must be a sign of well... comfort and social dysfunction. Our programmers seem to be in their offices, sleeping, eating, never leaving and that's what the wizard of oz did in the book, no one ever saw him, he'd rather have people see his ball of flames or high tech hologram of a lady, etc. instead of seeing him.